2021-2022 Harriot College Faculty Research Awardees

Harriot College faculty secured more than $15.3M in extramural research funding during the 2021-2022 academic year!

Listed below are awards received from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022.
The list, organized by department or center, includes the primary investigator, awarding sponsor, and project title.



  • Schacht, Ryan – University of California Irvine – “Selection in utero and consequences for sec differences in adult mortality a cohort approach”
  • Schacht, Ryan – National Science Foundation – “Gone and Nearly Forgotten: Reclaiming African American Heritage in Rural Southern Cemeteries”


  • Anderson, Eric – Pitt Community College – “Proteins and Protein Analysis Lecture Series”
  • Asch, Rebecca – National Science Foundation – “Collaborative Research: Tradeoffs between phenology and geography constraints in response to climate change across species life cycles”
  • Bolton, Peri – American Ornithological Society – “Conservation genomics of the threatened Wallowa rosy-finch”
  • Bolton, Peri – American Genetic Association – “Relating Major Histocompatibility Complex diversity to Mycobacterial infection susceptibility in ex-situ conservation of an endangered duck”
  • Evans, Cindy – North Carolina Biotechnology Center – “Voyages of Discovery Premier Lecture by Dr. Moogega Cooper, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ‘Diversity in STEAM from a Real-Life Guardian of the Galaxy'”
  • Field, Erin – DOD – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – “Environmental DNA Sampling in the Lower Roanoke River”
  • Gittman, Rachel – North Carolina State University – “Evaluating ecosystem benefits and tradeoffs of living shoreline materials”
  • Gittman, Rachel – North Carolina Policy Collaboratory – “Oyster Reef Sweet Spots: Evaluating oyster reef restoration locations and configurations for optimizing ecological success and coastal defense performance”
  • Goodwillie, Carol – University of Basel – “Understanding genotype-phenotype-fitness maps at species’ range limits”
  • Horn, Patrick – USDA – National Institute of Food and Agriculture – “Elucidating Cyclic Fatty Acid Biosynthesis and Compartmentalization to Improve Cottonseed Value”
  • McCoy, Michael – NSF – Directorate for Biological Sciences – “Collaborative Research: Linking predator functional diversity to prey dynamics through the functional response”
  • McRae, Susan – DOI – Fish and Wildlife Service – “Status of Mid-Atlantic Coast King Rails”
  • McRae, Susan – FWS – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – “Black Rail Habitat Creation and Restoration – Designing Management Techniques to Expand the Black Rail Population Along the Atlantic Coast”
  • McRae, Susan – Animal Welfare Institute – “Developing non-invasive monitoring techniques for federally threatened Eastern Black Rails: Combining trail camera and eDNA approaches”
  • McRae, Susan – Carolina Bird Club – “Effects of land management on occupancy, movements and breeding success of a threatened freshwater marsh bird, the King Rail”
  • Morley, James – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – “Identifying spawning areas and offshore migration patterns of sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus) in North Carolina”
  • Morley, James – North Carolina Biotechnology Center – “Using molecular genetics to identify cryptic infection and potential reservoirs of black gill parasites in wild shrimp: Developing an ecosystem monitoring tool for North Carolina’s shrimp fishery”
  • Pan, Xiaoping – Cotton Incorporated – “Identification and regulatory functional analysis of microRNAs in cotton root-knot nematode reproduction, development, and essential metabolism”
  • Peralta, Ariane – National Science Foundation – “CAREER: Microbial controls on wetland carbon stabilization and storage”
  • Summers, Kyle – National Science Foundation – “Teaching Evolution and Behavior using Virtual Games”
  • Zhang, Baohong – Cotton Incorporated – “Creating new cotton germplasm with high seed oil content and modified fatty acid profile”

Center for Health Disparities

  • Keene, Keith – University of Virginia – “Integrative ‘Omics’ approach for clinical diagnosis and molecular autopsy in SIDS”
  • Keene, Keith – Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation – “East Carolina University Health Disparities Virtual Roundtable”

Center for Natural Hazards Research

  • Kruse, Jamie – University of Delaware – “Collaborative Research: LEAP HI: Embedding regional hurricane risk management in the life of a community: A computational framework”
  • Kruse, Jamie – Colorado State University – “Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning”
  • Kruse, Jamie – NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration – “RAPID RESPONSE: Inland Flooding in Western Europe 2021 a stakeholder-informed system dynamics model”

Center for Survey Research

  • Francia, Peter – Greenville Eastern North Carolina (ENC) Alliance – “ENC Alliance Investor Survey”


  • Hughes, Robert – DHHS – NIH/National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke – “CofActor: Investigation of the Role of Cytoskeletal Dysregulation in Neurodegenerative Disease”
  • Lim, Kwang Hun – DHHS – National Institutes of Health – “Solid-state NMR Structural Characterizations of Polymorphic Transthyretin Amyloids”
  • Lim, Kwang Hun – UTMB – University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston – “Formation and Propagation of Tau Oligomeric Strains in Alzheimer’s Disease”
  • Offenbacher, Adam – Louisiana State University – “Conformational flexibility of lipoxygenases and its role in regulation and substrate acquisition”

Criminal Justice

  • Malkin, Michelle – Nevada Council on Problem Gambling – “Clark County Gambling Diversion Court Evaluation”


  • Bauer, Margaret – NCDCR – NC Arts Council – “North Carolina Literary Review”
  • Bauer, Margaret – NCHC – NC Humanities Council – “Teaching North Carolina Literature”
  • Montgomery, Marianne – Arts Midwest – “Greenville NC: NEA Big Read”

Foreign Languages and Literatures

  • Levi Altstaedter, Laura – IDB – Inter-American Development Bank – “Professional Development for Argentinean Foreign Language Teachers”

Geography, Planning and Environment

  • Covey, Burrell – NNC – Nurture Nature Center – “Winter Storm Severity Index: Improving Storm Readiness through Severity and Social Impact Forecasting”

Geological Sciences

  • Farris, David – DOI – U.S. Geological Survey – “The nature of long-lived Appalachian terrane boundaries: An examination of the Tugaloo terrane and Brevard zone in the North Carolina inner Piedmont”


  • Dixon, Helen – Getty Foundation – “Translating for the Gods: Phoenician Sacred Space between Greece and Persia”
  • Hargrove, Jarvis – North Carolina Central University – “Expanding the Digital Library on American Slavery through Local, Community-Engaged Digital Humanities Research”
  • McKinnon, Jennifer – University of Wisconsin Madison – “DPAA Research Hub and Spoke Program”
  • McKinnon, Jennifer – University of California San Diego – “DPAA Innovation Study”
  • Raupp, Jason – DOC – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration – “Exploring Attu’s Underwater Battlefield and Offshore Environment”


  • Katsoulis, Elias – National Science Foundation – “C*-envelopes and other themes in operator algebras”


  • DeWitt, Regina – National Science Foundation – “Collaborative Research: Holocene and late Pleistocene stream deposition in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica as a proxy for glacial meltwater and paleoclimate”
  • DeWitt, Regina – National Science Foundation: Directorate for Geosciences – “Collaborative Research: How important are sea-level feedbacks in stabilizing marine-based ice streams?”
  • Jung, Jae Won  – Social and Scientific Systems – “Support Services for Radiation and Cancer Risk Studies”
  • Lin, Ziwei – National Science Foundation – “Benchmarking a Multi-Phase Transport for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions”

Political Science

  • Park, Baekkwan – North Carolina State University – “Informative Textual Data Augmentation”


  • Aziz, Shahnaz – DHHS – National Institutes of Health – “Association between workaholism and fasting glucose/insulin, insulin sensitivity, and lipids.”
  • Carels, Robert – DHHS – Health Resources and Services Administration – “Prepare for Practice: Training future psychologists to address the opioid epidemic and behavioral health needs across a continuum of integrated care settings”
  • Christensen, Alan – University of Pennsylvania – “K24 Supported Graduate Student”
  • Schultz, Brandon – ED – Institute of Education Sciences – “Improving Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Functioning of Elementary School Children Through the Interconnected Systems Framework”
  • Sears, Samuel – Stanford University – “Decision-Making Pathway for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention”

Research, Economic Development and Engagement

  • Paynter, Sharon – State Employees’ Credit Union Foundation – “2022 East Carolina University Public Fellows Internship Program”

Water Resources Center

  • Moysey, Stephen – National Science Foundation – “Focused CoPe: Supporting Environmental Justice in Connected Coastal Communities through a Regional Approach to Collaborative Community Science”
  • Moysey, Stephen – National Science Foundation – “GP-UP: Strengthening the Geoscience Workforce by Scaffolding Community Outreach and Research Experiences (SCORE) through WaterCorps”
  • Moysey, Stephen – National Science Foundation – “NRT-HDR: Finding Signal in the Noise to Enable Science-Based Community Response to Change in Coastal Region”
  • Moysey, Stephen – National Science Foundation – “REU SITE: Resilience and Adaptation to Coastal Change Across Communities”