2022-2023 Harriot College Faculty Research Awardees

Harriot College faculty secured more than $6.9 Million in extramural research funding during the 2022-2023 academic year!

Listed below are awards received from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023.
The list, organized by department or center, includes the primary investigator and project title.

A B C E G & H M P


  • Grace-McCaskey, Cynthia – “Large-scale CoPe: Reducing Climate Risks with Equitable Nature-based Solutions: Engaging Communities on Reef-Lined Coasts”
  • Schacht, Ryan – “Selection in Utero and Consequences for Sec Differences in Adult Mortality a Cohort Approach”


  • Ables, Elizabeth – “MARC at East Carolina University”
  • Asch, Rebecca – “Identification of the Spawning Grounds and Offshore Migration Corridor Used by the North Carolina Stock of Southern Flounder”
  • Asch, Rebecca – “Climate Change Impacts on Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations, Larval Dispersal, and Settlement in Southeastern U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries and Surrounding Areas”
  • De Morais Calado Tullio, Suelen – “Nutrien Effluent and Water Quality Monitoring in the Pamlico River Estuary, NC”
  • De Morais Calado Tullio, Suelen – “Nutrien Phosphate Effluent and Water Quality Monitoring in the Pamlico River Estuary, NC: 2022-2023”
  • De Morais Calado Tullio, Suelen – “Nutrien Phosphate Effluent and Water Quality Monitoring in the Pamlico River Estuary, NC: 2023-2024”
  • Farwell, Mary – “NSF INCLUDES Alliance: Re-Imagining STEM Equity with URM Postdoc Pathways (RISE UPP)”
  • Field, Erin – “Environmental DNA Sampling in the Lower Roanoke River”
  • Field, Erin – “Climate Change Impacts on Shipwreck Integrity and Environmental Risks”
  • Field, Erin – “EDNA Analyses and Potential Contamination of Deep-Water WWII Battlefields in the Pacific”
  • Gittman, Rachel – “Co-Developing a Community and Data-Driven Framework for Coastal Protection Decision Making”
  • Keene, Keith – “Integrative “Omics” Approach for Clinical Diagnosis and Molecular Autopsy in SIDS”
  • Keene, Keith – “Eastern NC Diversity in Rural Public Health Initiative”
  • McRae, Susan – “Status of Mid-Atlantic Coast King Rails”
  • McRae, Susan – “Eastern Black Rail Population Recovery: An Adaptive Management Framework”
  • McRae, Susan – “King Rail Habitat Use in Restored and Managed Wetlands of Waccamaw NWR”
  • McRae, Susan – “King Rail Population Viability in Relation to Management Strategies at Waccamaw NWR”
  • McRae, Susan – “Habitat Selection and Reproductive Behavior of King Rails (Rallus elegans) in Restored and Managed Wetlands”
  • Morley, James – “Trophic Impacts of the Invasive Blue Catfish in the Albemarle Sound Ecosystem”
  • Pan, Xiaoping – “RNAi-Mediated Biotechnology in Cotton Root-Knot Nematode Control”
  • Peralta, Ariane – “CAREER: Microbial Controls on Wetland Carbon Stabilization and Storage”
  • Zhang, Baohong – “CottonSeed Oil”
  • Zhu, Yong – “‘To Survive or Die’ – Adamts9 in Folliculogenesis and Germ Cell Loss”


    • Burns, Colin – “Targeting Multiple Cancer Types by Micellar Delivery of the Immunotherapeutic 15-deoxy-D12,14-Prostamide J2”
    • Lim, Kwang – “Formation and Propagation of Tau Oligomeric Strains in Alzheimer’s Disease”
    • Offenbacher, Adam – “Collaborative Research: Mapping and comparing the link of the protein scaffold to quantum events in thermally activated enzymes and flavin-based photoreceptors”
    • Pender, Jack – “NCBC – 2023 Pharma Conference”
    • Spuches, Anne – “Collaborative Research: RUI: An in-depth characterization of divalent cadmium binding to human cardiac troponin C and the impact on subsequent protein interactions”

    Criminal Justice

    • Malkin, Michelle – “NC Baseline Study of College Student Gambling Behavior and Problem Gambling Risk”
    • Walfield, Scott – “The (Mis)Use of Exceptional Clearance for Violent and Property Crimes Reported to Law Enforcement”


    • Kruse, Jamie – “Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning”
    • Kruse, Jamie – “Collaborative Research: LEAP HI: Embedding regional hurricane risk management in the life of a community: A computational framework”
    • Millea, Meghan – “Large-Scale CoPe: Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic Prosperity, and Resilience (CHEER)”
    • Rupp, Nicholas – “Intergovernmental Personnel Act: Airline Fee Disclosure Proposal”


    • Bauer, Margaret – “North Carolina Arts Council – Organization Support Grant”
    • Bauer, Margaret – “North Carolina Literary Review”
    • Froula, Anna – “Veteran to Scholar Boot Camp”

      Geography, Planning and Environment

      • Mukherji, Anuradha – “Intended and Unintended Consequences of Buyout Programs as an Adaptive Response to Compound Flood Events and Coastal Inundation Risk in Rural Communities”

      Geological Sciences

      • Moysey, Stephen – “GP-UP: Strengthening the Geoscience Workforce by Scaffolding Community Outreach and Research Experiences (SCORE) through WaterCorps”


      • McKinnon, Jennifer – “DPAA Queensland Survey for Sunken WWII Aircraft”
      • McKinnon, Jennifer – “DPAA Underwater Recovery Mission 23-1MP, Activity #121 Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands”
      • Richards, Nathan – “Modeling Wooden Shipwreck Deterioration in the Potomac River: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Measuring the Site Stability and Integrity of Maryland’s Maritime Cultural Resources”


      • Shlapentokh, Alexandra – “FRG: Collaborative Research: Definability and Computability over Arithmetically Significant Fields”


        • Beltran-Huarac, Juan – “Non-Traditional Modality to Induce Endothelium Permeability via Magneto-Mechanical Actuation”
        • Hu, Xin  – “Development of Non-Contact Imaging Technology to Measure Arterial Pulse Wave Velocity”
        • Lin, Ziwei – “Benchmarking a Multi-Phase Transport for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions”

        Political Science

        • Francia, Peter – “ENC Alliance Transportation Survey”
        • Francia, Peter – “Protecting Water Quality and Marine Ecosystems from the Impacts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in the White Oak River Basin”


        • Carels, Robert – “Prepare for Practice: Training Future Psychologists to Address the Opioid Epidemic and Behavioral Health Needs across a Continuum of Integrated Care Settings”
        • Schultz, Brandon – “Feasibility and Efficacy of the MATCH Connect Program”
        • Sears, Samuel – “Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy using His/Left Bundle Pacing vs Left Ventricular Epicardial Pacing in Patients with Heart Failure with LVEF=50% and a wide QRS complex (>130 ms) or with/anticipated >40% pacing”
        • Sears, Samuel – “Decision-Making Pathway for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention”
        • Smith, Aimee – “Decreasing Health Disparities: Data and Analytics of Patient Experiences and Health Outcomes in Rural Youth with Sickle Cell Disease”
        • Tran, Tuan – “Decision-Making Pathway for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention”
        • Walcott, Christy – “Graduate Assistantship with Beaufort County Schools”
        • Walcott, Christy – “Graduate Assistantship with Tidal Integrated Health”